JSA Education Mission Statement

JSA Education prepares, promotes, places, and supports engaged, promising students in their quest for life-long learning and personal development, empowering individuals to carve out meaningful careers and affect positive change in society.

Philosophy and Design

The JSA Summer Program is a network of course-study integrated into a revolutionary curriculum. This summer program design incorporates cultural understanding and academic excellence with verbal and written communication skills. The program also incorporates multimedia talents, which optimize a level of preparedness that serves to expedite realization of the students maximum potential

Future success requires innovative minds. Innovative minds are found within the uniqueness of each student. Students are better prepared for their path ahead by integrating intercultural skills, collaboration and personal leadership into their educational ventures.

JSA Education understands that students not only develop within the classroom, but also through hands-on activities, projects, leadership opportunities, and community service. These practical learning techniques provide a safe environment for students to grow and learn.

Our programs will give students the skills to adopt and thrive in their new cultural environment. They will communicate and collaborate with confidence, without sacificing their personal identity. JSA students will positively contribute to their schools and communities.

Comprehensive Placement Program

JSA Education is dedicated to getting to know their students through a series of one-on-one advising and development sessions. We want to help create a viable list of schools and lead you in the right direction.

Summer Immersion Program

JSA Education is dedicated to helping you find the key to success with our summer immersion program. This program will enable international students to smoothy transition and integrate into the U.S. boarding school culture.

Fact Finding Tour

Want to create a top priority school list? Based off your interests and talents, JSA Education will help create a viable list of schools and take you on a three day school tour to help you find the best fits.

What Our Clients Say

Used John Silva of JSA Education last year on a complicated school issue and he was


Doreen Kelly, Head of School, Ravenscroft School

Mr. Silva is clearly well respected and connected in the preparatory school world.

Without his assistance, Ryan would not be graduating college this semester. His

confidence inside and out of the classroom has allowed him to succeed beyond my


Devonia, D., parent

Used John Silva of JSA Education last year on a complicated school issue and he was


Doreen Kelly, Head of School, Ravenscroft School

We talk a lot about “fit” in higher education these days. That is, the idea that students

thrive at places where their uniqueness is appreciated. What’s impressed me with JSA

Education is the attention they pay to finding the university that is truly the right “fit” for

their students. JSA knows the students they are working with and by doing so, can

advise them to apply to schools where they will truly thrive and receive the best possible


Greg Zaiser, Vice President of Admissions and Financial Planning, Elon University