Meet our Team!

Who we are:

A Team That Loves to Build Bridges.

It is JSA's educational belief that when we encourage young liberated thinkers to pursue their own passionate pathways, they then possess the key to an unimaginably, exciting future. JSA’s mentorship, guidance and inspiring curriculum will start students on a journey of global knowledge and personal faith. This journey will facilitate bridge building, thereby connecting cultures in an increasingly interdependent world.


What we do:

Help You Discover your Dynamic Genius.

The JSA Education Team is dedicated to helping students maximize their academic and leadership potential as advanced thinkers. We will help you tap into your own unique talents and skills that will give you a decided advantage when entering into the world of higher learning. You emerge a comfortably engaged student, who has the vibrant architectural tools to build bridges of your own design, leading to fulfillment in your chosen field.